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Xcode Custom Template, A Mysterious Useful Feature

Xcode template is an ability that allows developers to create projects and files with predefined files and structures automatically. Practically we can also define custom templates to reduce boring repetitive tasks but Apple explains almost nothing about it. Maybe they have not decided to release it publicly yet but I found it very useful in daily routines. So the following article is my findings based on my and the other’s trial and errors. For sure, these are not complete and you can help the community to make it more complete until Apple reveals it officially.

Xcode Modules, Framework and Libraries Comparison

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Xcode Modules, Framework and Libraries

In Xcode, we can define frameworks, static and dynamic libraries and bundles to modularize our codes and resources. Unfortunately it is somewhat vague in Apple documentations. So let’s look at their differences and purposes in a simple word.

PLC Object Oriented Programming, HOW?

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IEC Object Oriented Programming for PLC

In the previous post I talked about why we should use object oriented for PLC programming instead of the solely structured programming model. In this post I will explain how to do it to achieve the best result.

PLC Object Oriented Programming, WHY?

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IEC Procedural vs Object Oriented Programming

Around 10 years ago object oriented programming feature added to the standard IEC 61131-3 programming languages for industrial automation controllers. But you will find very few PLC producers to support OOP. In this post I want to analyze what benefits OOP can provide for me in details and answer this question that is it worth to challenge with PLC object oriented programming complexities or not?