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PLC Object Oriented Programming, WHY?

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IEC Procedural vs Object Oriented Programming

Around 10 years ago object oriented programming feature added to the standard IEC 61131-3 programming languages for industrial automation controllers. But you will find very few PLC producers to support OOP. In this post I want to analyze what benefits OOP can provide for me in details and answer this question that is it worth to challenge with PLC object oriented programming complexities or not?

iOS, How to check if the device is locked or unlocked programmatically

Check iPhone Lock State Programmatically

Sometimes it is really necessary to know the device lock state especially when we are working with background services like Bluetooth or networking. Actually, iOS API does not let developers check if the device is locked or unlocked programmatically. But there is a workaround that lets us find it out with some seconds of delay after locking.

Objective-C for Swift Developers, Book Introduction

Objective-C for Swift Developers

Without any doubt, Swift is the main programming language for developing new applications for Apple developers, but there are many apps on the App store that have been developed using Objective-C. Many of these apps are serving millions of users worldwide. So to build your career, you probably need to be able to read or even write Objective-C codes.

Swift Value and Reference Types, How to Use

Swift Value and Reference Types, How to Use

Based on the memory handling methods, types in Swift are divided into two different categories: value types and reference types. There are some basic differences between value and reference types which causes them to behave differently in the same conditions. So developers should know their specifications to write logical codes both during working with Apple’s predefined types and during defining their own custom types.